New Foundation Farms

Scale matters  to meet the challenge: we’re set-up to lead the fourth agricultural revolution in Europe towards the tipping point in favour of regenerative farming.

Our vision is the development of large scale regenerative agriculture in Europe, starting in the UK: farms which capture carbon, build soil vitality, create healthy food and provide a vibrant economic engine for the renewal of our countryside.

Our mission is to acquire farms and transform them into a vibrant network that is environmentally, socially and economically regenerative. We do this by working with the ability of natural systems to regenerate themselves.

We work through a best-in-class approach which is proven internationally.

It is called holistic management and it is already restoring land in every ecological and economic context – from organic sugar cane in tropical Brazil, to ranches on the prairies of North America.

As we acquire and then transform farms, we will build the capacity of a new generation of farmers to flourish and once again be able to afford their businesses in new models of ownership, and be able to pass them on to future generations.

New Foundation Farms: we’re building a new foundation for all our futures in partnership with nature.

Founding Partners

New Foundation Farms is a project partnership of the ForeSight Group, 3LM and Link & Co.
p mark drewell

P. Mark Drewell M.A. (OXON), FRSA

Mark is a thought and practice leader who likes to work at the cutting edge of economy and society.

He is a Senior Partner at the Stockholm-based consultancy ForeSight advising organisations how to stay relevant in the times in which we live.

Educated at Oxford University, his business career included a decade on the executive committee of a South African multinational with operations in 30+ countries including in Europe. He has served in numerous leadership roles in society including Founding Chair and CEO of the Globally Responsible Leadership Initiative – 100 global companies and business schools transforming leadership development at the world’s 20,000 business schools – and Chair of Africa’s largest environmental NGO Endangered Wildlife Trust as well as the world’s largest initiative on transferring human rights from one generation to the next: World’s Children’s Prize.

He has served advisory boards at The University of Pretoria, South Africa, The University of Cumbria, UK and The Business School of Lausanne, Switzerland.

He is a communications expert and served on the board of the 14,000-member International Association of Business Communicators, also chairing their world conference.

He is co-Author of The Rise of the Meaningful Economy. It’s ground breaking insights explore how meaning has become a new currency changing our economic choices in terms of what we buy, where we work, how we invest and how we run our organisations.

Marcus Link

Marcus Link BA, DipRS, CertHum, FRSA

Marcus is a serial entrepreneur and has lead complex change management pieces in commercial, charitable and educational settings. His projects include cultural and financial turnaround, start-up and high-growth situations in the renewable energy, digital, biotech, agricultural and cultural/ educational sectors.
He brings with him an approach to operational leadership which is both pragmatic and visionary. He has a deep understanding of organisational integrity which builds both on his broad skill set developed in a commercial for-profit environment and his for-purpose mindset.

In a leadership role for Riverford Farm Foods Limited (now Ben’s Farm Shop) in Devon, Marcus was instrumental in scaling up the meat box home delivery business from a small local scheme to a national roll out across the national Riverford home delivery network.
Other notable projects include:

  • Co-founding the ecommerce development and digital marketing agency Vu Online Ltd;
  • Taking on the role of Hon Treasurer and ex officio director and trustee for the charity group Anthroposophical Society in Great Britain based at Rudolf Steiner House in London;
  • Experimental creation of a communications department as Director of Communications for Crossfields Institute.
  • Latterly, first as chairman of the board then as chair of the executive leadership team, Marcus led the restructure and turnaround of South Devon Steiner School from 2012 to 2019.

Marcus has supported other agricultural projects including a community-supported agriculture (CSA) in Dartington, Devon.

Marcus studied philosophy and religious studies as well as business studies, specialising in start-up and change management, and is a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts (FRSA).

christopher cooke

Christopher Cooke MSC, BA, FRSA

Christopher is widely recognised as a trouble-shooting, complexity-aware thought-leader, who is able to function at the edge of the present paradigm to deliver results that outperform current norms and expectations.
He is currently Managing Director of 5 Deep Limited (Incorporated April 2001) a specialist change management company that was established as an experiment to explore the leading edge of the science and practice of complexity-aware organisational and social change.

The creation of 3LM (2016 – following a two year candidacy and proving period), as a division of 5 Deep Limited, was designed specifically to demonstrate, market test, and develop large scale adoption strategies, for the implementation of a complexity-aware approach known as The Holistic Management Framework created by Allan Savory.

As an Engineer who developed leading edge change management and facilitation skills through his involvement in the Privatisation of the British Water Industry (1983-1997), Christopher has become engaged by many sectors. Notable strategic leadership roles for Christopher include:

  • The implementation of GIS (Geographic Information Systems) for the recording of underground assets across Yorkshire (1989 – 2003);
  • Board level Change Agent, Yorkshire Water (1992 – 1997);
  • Managing Director, based in S E Asia, of a UK Water Company / Australian Mining Conglomerate, Joint Venture in S E Asia (1994 to 1996);
  • Large-scale social-change pilots in former coalfield areas in Yorkshire (1997-2000);
  • Strategic design and implementation of NHS Health Action Zones across the UK (1998 – 2001);
  • The design and implementation of Full Spectrum Thought Leadership training and education (1998 – current);
  • Managing Director of a Swiss Research Company (2004-2005);
  • Mentor, Strategic Advisor and Practice Manager for a UK Home Building Company (2003 to 2008);
  • The strategic redesign, leadership mentoring, and facilitation of the re-creation of a medical school in the Texas Medical Centre, Houston (2004-2007);
  • The establishment of large scale social engagement known as Be the Change in the UK and USA (2004-2007);
  • Interim CEO (2008-2012) of a UK Foundation, with two Australian subsidiaries, focused on the recovery and regeneration of soil following the failure of conventional farming methods during profound drought in New South Wales Australia;
  • Technical and Regenerative practice advisor in institutional funds placement (2009-2012).

Christopher is recognised as a trainer, facilitator, coach and mentor. He advises and delivers advanced training for the owners and trainers of Erickson Coaching International. Current assignments include China and The Crimea.

sheila cooke

Sheila Cooke BA, MBA

Sheila Cooke is the lead Director for 3LM, which acts as the Savory Institute hub for the UK and Ireland. As a Savory Institute Field Professional, she educates and advises farmers and business leaders in Holistic Management; A framework which informs high-quality decision-making, by providing people the insights and management tools needed to work with a full awareness of nature.

She holds an MBA in international business, and a BA in sociology/anthropology, and worked in international business for twenty years, including 5 years as a general manager in Japan. This was followed by a career as a facilitator and educator which led her to become a customer of 5 Deep Limited in 2011.

She is a qualified trainer for the Institute of Cultural Affairs in Chicago, and developed and facilitated courses at the Food and Agriculture Organisation (UN) in Rome.

Sheila is really inspired by 3LM’s network of producers, brands and retailers, professionals, and consumers who seek, through constant innovation, to change the paradigm of farming from extractive to regenerative.

Through 5 Deep Limited, working with Christopher, she has been developing plans for the large-scale adoption of Regenerative Agriculture across Europe since the development of the 3LM offering in 2014.

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